Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Mooninite Triptych

Ignignokt the mooninite, from Aquateen Hunger Force

The Triptych

Faithmouse shoots a Mooninite hoax device with an M1911 .45 Colt semiautomatic handgun

Aquateen Hunger Force hoax device explodes

Abu Grahaib prison, webtoon character homage

Err the mooninite, from Aquateen Hunger Force

Three cartoons in progress on the subject of the recent hoax device scare in Boston. The devices were battery operated LED advertisements featuring images of Ignignokt the mooninite from Comedy Central's Adult Swim Aquateen Hunger Force cartoon.

The three cartoons represent a conservative, centrist and liberal viewpoint, fully exaggerated. The bookends feature one of my drawing pads. In the bottom image you can see M├Ądchen the cat investigating whatever it is I'm doing at 2 AM.

An entertaining experiment, I hope. The third toon will feature an assortment of webcomic characters, so if you're a webtoon fan keep an eye open for one of your favorites.

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