Monday, February 26, 2007

Taint / Monster From My Hoo-Ha

monster from my hoo-ha
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Taint with fetus in a new cartoon.

You know, I might laugh at these Taint cartoons if they were written by a liberal. I can laugh at Stephen Colbert because I know that he doesn't mean the things he says. However, I know that Mr. Lacey does in fact believe in what he is writing and has quite a history of sticking not so subtle messages in his cartoons. The message that he's giving off with his Taint cartoon is that only tattooed, uncouth, gawfick girls get abortions. I fail to see how his new cartoons are in any way different from the old ones, in terms of message. His faithmouse character remains pure and Taint is imbued with all the disreputable qualities that Mr. Lacey associates with women who get abortions. Apparently the appearance of furry mouse tits has sufficiently distracted you all. Mr. Lacey is not having a breakdown; he knows what he is doing and you are all idiots if you believe otherwise.

Enjoy your mouse tits.

-Mrs. Mahler posting in the current faithmouse thread at Something Awful (adult content)

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