Friday, February 09, 2007

John Edwards staffer knocks faithmouse

I thought that name looked familiar. It seems that one of the staffers which Bill Donahue is calling on John Edwards to fire from his campaign for making anti-Catholic statements has displayed a keen interest in the past regarding my cartoon.

Click to view larger image. Largest.

Wingnuts in favor of freeloading squatters, so long as they can be used to punish fornicating women by Amanda Marcotte (filed under 'religion, ***holes', 82 comments)

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Most Inexplicable Cartoon Of The Hurricane by Amanda Marcotte (filed under 'Conservatism', 26 comments)

As for that latter cartoon, it was more than anything else about my father, who was a gunner's mate on the U.S.S. Hornet during WWII and permanently traumatized by his experiences during warfare in the South Pacific. Two other sites claimed it as art at the time, which I very much appreciated. Here's one which I located via Wayback (the other was on a site called 'Blog On The Run' by Lex Alexander, which seems not to have been archived).

Inadvertant masterpiece -

Everyone's entitled to their opinion, and I have a reputation for never 'returning fire' on anyone who has criticized my work.

I must admit though, it's fun knowing that there's a faithmouse anti-fan on the Edwards staff. Additional posts by Amanda regarding my cartoon would be very much appreciated. Gosh knows I could use the publicity.

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