Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Please Be My Valentine

Please be my valentine
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Thanks to Barb at SFO Mom for posting the above Neverborn / Please Be My Valentine cartoon. Laura H. has done the same at her And If Not (living Catholicism and fighting for life in an anti-Catholic, pro-death culture). Sara at Mom's Musings has also posted the image, as has RobK at Kyrie Eleison. Cathy_of_Alex posts the toon on her Recovering Dissident Catholic. Bryansix posts the cartoon on this Discussion Whatever thread. Waldo on this Happy Valentines' Day thread at ANTIFanBoy (adult content) also posts the cartoon. The cartoon also shows up on a number of LiveJournal friends pages, including Chiavia's LJ , JoSparke's LJ , Alluring Kailyn's LJ and Will Sample's The Sanitarium. Faithmouse is a tag on Free Press. Al at Is Anybody There posts the Father Augustine Confessional Car cartoon. Blogs4Life blogtoon posts include Rockyfort at CrosSwords and Lutheran Pastor Walter Snyder at Ask The Pastor. Jenny at her Bell-Jar LiveJournal posts the ACLU Real I.D. toon from last year. Thanks to Jason 'I've Got Undies On My Head for posting the Neverborn / Return To Sender toon as the background image on his 65953535 LiveJournal. Open Door posts today's Be My Valentine cartoon on the Arabic Atheist network منتدى الملحدين العرب

Found the above faithmouse / Pokemon card on this Chronoshock game forum thread along with the comment 'Now this is what I'm talking about! Finally, a Pokémon of the Christian Right!' Thanks to Dr. M.A.P. at the Pro-Life Phillipines forum for posting a few past Neverborn cartoons. Christian Pro-Life Resources for the Phillipines does the same. Hawaii Right To Life includes a cartoon in their post promoting the Blogs4Life conference. Missed this post by Stacy Harp at Active Christian Media which includes a Blogs4Life customized toon from 2006. Cactus Alliance thanks us for the promo toons. Thanks to unimaGINAble[TF5] at her heart vs heart MySpace for posting the Canadians Mounties memorial toon from 2004. Faithmouse is the subject of discussion in two Something Awful forums. Thanks to Laurannd mkII at POE News for her For those who don't check regular Poe post. Facebook has a number of posts of the Be My Valentine cartoon, including in networks under sdstate, sdsmt, dmacc, iastate, central, uni, etc.

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