Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Barack Obama Portrait & An Inappropriate Cartoon

This is one of my miniature oils of Barack Obama. Ocassionally I'll post a similar painting to my Ebay auction page, but I'm happy to take requests. A 4 by 6 oil is $50, a 5 by 7 is $75 and an 8 by 10 is $100. You can contact me at faithmouse (at) yahoo [.] com.

Barack Obama portraits

Here are a few additional portraits I've created of the current Democratic presidential frontrunner, some of which I've posted directly to in their 'community blogs' section.

Barack Obama portraits

Barack Obama portraits

Barack Obama portraits

Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama oil portrait

Thanks to Drew Onaloff for posting the above Barack Obama artwork.

MBDScout also posts the Barack Obama in their AP - Obama effectively clinches Dem Nomination thread.

Just My Thoughts has the Barack Obama painting in their History Has Been Made post.

A few recent additional posts of the above painting... Obama portrait Obama portrait Obama portrait Obama painting Barack Obama prays painting Barack prays painting

Barack Obama President Victory Pie

My most recent Barack Obama painting. I call this 'Obama Victory Pie.'

And now, an inappropriate cartoon featuring Faithmouse, Poot and Taint (adult content.)

I don't create as many cartoons as I used to in the past, mainly because I've been unsucessful in getting a syndicate to distribute Faithmouse and also because the hand-painted oils continue to do well. However, the cartoon continues to thrive online, as well as on a number of off-site forums where I regularly post original content.

Love to have the time to ink all of the newer cartoons, but for now I'm satisfied with the pencils.


  1. Anonymous9:54 PM

    Don't you think we have seen enough of this goof Americans were stupid enough to elect?

  2. Anonymous2:04 PM