Friday, February 08, 2008

Taint' Faithmouse Cartoons

I think I've done fairly well delivering on my A Sincere Proposal post from April 2006, when I pledged to work a more liberal perspective into the cartoon. I'm still planning to quit Faithmouse sometime soon once again, right after I get that one last cartoon out of my system.

Anyway, here's two very liberal cartoons in progess-

Taint in an anti-war Saint Valentine's Day cartoon

One of a few recent cartoons (posted off-site due to mature content) featuring Faithmouse's sister Taint. An anti-war Saint Valentine's Day cartoon, in progress.

Ms. StarMole and Minnesota Loon in a pro-gay marriage cartoon

Ms. StarMole and Minnesota Loon in a pro-Gay marriage cartoon in progress-a situation alluded to in a few previous cartoons including this Number 6/Gigantor cartoon from last June.

Whiney G. Winegarten makes this comment on the continuing Come with me, come to the land of batshit rightwing cartoonists - ILXOR thread, to which I regularly contribute-

"Man that Amy Winehouse is worthy of Mad magazine.."

- so I submitted Faithmouse (and Angel too.) Let's see what happens. Wedding invites for Abbott from the same thread featuring the 'Holding Hands For Christ' Otters in progress as well.

Cracked Magazine forum - Neverborn/Delivery Refused, Return To Sender cartoon.

Google Groups ASA Veterans - Howard Donkey, Rush Elephant Southern Border cartoon.

Latter That Day - Neverborn/Martin Luther King Day cartoon (by the way, #1 in Google now for Martin Luther King Day cartoons.)

Texas Frightmare Weekend - Ruby Jewels (goodbye, Rudy) Cloverfield Monster.

GOP Christians LiveJournal - Original New England Patriot Remains Undefeated.

'Britness' Britney Spears board (Israeli) - Faithmouse/GayBear Catholic Charities. LiveJournal - Miley Cyrus Christian post

Darth Tater 68 - Original New England Patriot Remains Undefeated.

Free For All - Devilcat panel from a Mel Gibson cartoon.

Sodahead - Neverborn/Squirrels Gone Wild

Google Groups BRAZILAJ KATOLIKAJ ESPERANTISTOJ- Now who could this be...?...Nissa!

Genshed has some nice words for Faithmouse in this Somni Forum post from December-

"The fetus-with-rifle ornament reminded me of some of Dan Lacey's work in his online comic "Faithmouse". He has one character who's a fetus in the womb - a cartoon womb with furniture, lights and a front door, which is often under assault by would-be abortionists. There's also a fetus-with-wings, with the charming name Neverborn. Yep, Lacey's a bit on the insane tip, but he draws really well."

Less anyone think I'm a traitor to the cause (I've been accused of this by my fellow Freepers at Free Republic in response to waving pro-Huckabee cartoons around on anti-Huckabee boards, and then Jim Robinson himself turned around and endorsed Huck the moment FR's most recent fundraiser drive ended, go figure) consider this recent anti-endorsement at Science Blogs-

"That man's website is a hodge podge of stupid. There is a link to Faithmouse, one of the most annoying web comics around. He backs Alan Keyes run for president. There is quit a bit about Terri Schiavo. They just cannot believe that the poor woman was brain dead for over a decade."

Yes! Still have it!