Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pencil Sketches

spiritual blast

Faith unleashes a spiritual blast.

alley thugs

Alley thugs assault a boy with a comic book.

Just a few pencil sketches featuring isolated scenes from more developed storylines. Should have that new St. Valentine's Day cartoon up by the end of the day.

Catholic Media Review - Pepe McCain.

TAR-zan MySpace - Neverborn/Ms. StarMole Trick or Treat cartoon as background.

Rachel Tamer Facebook - Neverborn Will You Be My Valentine? Day cartoon.

Now Public - Beijing Olympics Protest Logo.

Sexy Ladies (German) -Britney Spears 'Catholic Charities' cartoon.

kaj la hundo iris kun ili.... - Bill Clinton Presidential Hair Collection cartoon.

DVD Maniacs - Britney Spears Jack Chick track cover parody.

Discussion Forums - Beijing Olympics Protest Logo.

The Unsophisticate - Mamma Mia cartoon.

Blogs4Brownback - Two Pepe McCain cartoons.

Artibet - Beijing Olympics Protest Logo.

William Hung, President of William and Mary College resigns

A cartoon from last year which has reappeared in a few places in response to the recent resignation of William Hung, President of William and Mary College, hider of the Wren Chapel cross and on-campus sex show booking agent. Happy to see it getting a second showing.

William and Mary president resigns in disgrace - Michelle Malkin

Fark - Faithmouse/Ms. StarMole 'Good News Xian' Wren Chapel cartoon.
Facebook - Same.