Monday, March 31, 2008

Catholic Themed Drawings

A few of the pencil drawings I finished and posted to my Ebay gallery on Sunday-

Pope John Paul II,suffering pontiff
Pope John Paul II, suffering pontiff. This is the image I'm running as the regularly updating hotlink. In the original photo, John Paul is writing. Here he looks into himself.

Saint St. Padre Pio, Capuchin confessor and stigmatic of Pietrelcina
Saint Padre Pio, Capuchin confessor and stigmatic of Pietrelcina. I drew this almost entirely while riding as a passenger in a car. I use what looks like a graphic device to allude to his ability to bilocate and other mystic abilities.

St. Anne with child Mary iconic Marion image
St. Anne with child Mary. After a photo of a statue of which I'm afraid I don't know the history. Looks French to me. All lines emanate from St. Anne's womb.

I've collected a few dozen new links and post acknowledgements, but I've been so busy building my Ebay gallery that its been difficult keeping up with anything but.

More drawings tomorrow!

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    this is a nice picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!!