Friday, March 14, 2008

U.S. Flag with Rainbow

U.S. American flag oil painting with rainbow

U.S. Flag Painting With Rainbow - Ebay Auction

Completion of the miniature (4x6 inch) American Flag oil painting I posted in progress about a month ago, and shown close to actual size. Now with rainbow!

I'm having good success with my small oils, but I've discovered in order to get a quality painting at this size it's almost impossible to work alla prima. Almost all of these paintings are therefore completed over the course of days if not weeks, each a little at a time.

As a byproduct of my technique, a host of small wet paintings are now balanced judiciously thoughout our home. It's looking like an art workshop run by and for elves around here.

Thank goodness the cats can't jump up on top of the fridge.

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