Saturday, March 08, 2008

Timothy Tears

A sad teddy bear
A very sad teddy bear, drawn for no particular reason. I'm pretty much going exclusively to pencils now. Quicker, and I think more expressive.

If you're unfamilar with the cartoon, the wiper is a loose thread which comes out of the top of Timothy A. Bear's head.

Our local Kool-Aid Report has this to say about Faithmouse-

So after the cryptic and incoherent cartoon blog Faithmouse won last year's honor, I decided to mimic its winning formula and rolled out KAR's very own unintelligible (but highly proprietary) freebie-mag style art-f**k toon, which I lovingly named "Fleen". Unfortunately, as the year has worn on, I have forgotten about the Fleen franchise. But thanks to Mitch's reminder, I still have time to make my impression on the City Pages before they render their decision. With the return of this this winning formula, I have no doubt that KAR will be the first Northern Alliance blog (or ThunderJournal) to win Best Local Right Wing Blog honors.

-followed by a Photoshop of someone kicking Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman in the gonads. I'm no Coleman fan myself, but some still wonder why people have stopped listening to 'our' side.

I submit a cryptic and incoherent toon for LeftFoot to decipher.

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