Thursday, March 27, 2008

World Trade Center Towers On 9-11 Drawing

A post 9-11 painting of Robocop with breasts-

Sexy Robocop security defends us from 911

Robocop with breasts represents our post-911 DOHS society; reanimated from our economically decimated national Detroit, an impersonal conglomeration of technological and human elements. When we scroll down the page we are confronted finally with the seductive aspect of our super-creation. Do we consider these unreal, artificial appearing breasts to be attractive? Robocop seems to be trying much too hard to convince us that he/she/it is more human than machine. Behind our highly desired security apparatus, 9-11 happens without end. Our defender does not look at the tragedy but at us. The promised sequel does not happen; the original feature is remarketed over and over again.

Robocop With Breasts 911 Anniversary Painting - Ebay Art Auction

World Trade Center towers on 9-11

A drawing of the World Trade Center towers on 9-11.

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