Thursday, February 05, 2009

Alamo City Pundit, 1

First Fleshbot Cartoon Removed By Ebay

The New Media Alliance (we CAN take America back!) posted this article on Tuesday, which may have actually been the first article questioning the legality of my auctions-

Obama Porn Arrives On Ebay - Warner Todd Huston

As I explained in my earlier post, I had to make a judgment call on whether the Taint auction violated any Ebay TOS, and I still think it doesn't, but Ebay has apparently responded to Alamo City Pundits actions.

Ebay has been very good to me. I'm not having a problem with Ebay, but with drives to manipulate the free market based upon political motivation. If you search 'nudes' at Ebay, you'll see a number of examples on the very first page of listings which display both frontal nudity and genitalia. My Fleshbot listing would be there today, except for the action of conservative activists.