Thursday, February 05, 2009

Portrait of Mrs. S., First Application Of Oil

I've been working on a few commissions between new Barack Obama On A Unicorn paintings, including this portrait of Mrs. S. which I began a few weeks ago.

Starting with the hair I apply the first application of oil over the previously completed acrylic sketch. When working from a photo I find that it helps to paint upsidedown, as that forces me to drop my assumptions and only paint actual colors and shapes.

oil painting on easel
If you think this is messy, you should see what's behind me.

painting upsidedown
Portrait of an Australian.

oil paint on canvas
Many times I'll just squeeze paint directly onto the canvas.

an unfinished portrait
The unfinished portrait.

I'll let this dry as much as it will overnight (I paint with quick drying, water based oils) and apply a second application tomorrow.

Now, back to unicorns.