Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pajamas TV

Afterburner Pajamas TV

Two of my paintings appear in this 'Afterburner with Bill Whittle' President Obama's Unicorn Problem Pajamas TV video. Can't embed, so please click the image to view the video on the Pajamas TV site.

The artist who created the paintings used in this video is a long-time Freeper, signed autographs once at Gary Bauer's The Family Research Council in Washington, D.C., and was drawing pro-conservative cartoons which appeared widely across the conservative blogosphere before the startup of Pajamas TV. I remember being on top of the Rathergate story moment by moment as it happened, and very quickly spun out this cartoon to celebrate the victory of the 'bloggers in pajamas' or as I referred to them at the time, the 'pajamahadeen.'

Dan Rather cartoon

A selection of Dan Rather cartoons

To encapsulate, Bill, just in case you ever happen to run into him, here's what the person who would paint these images might look like, one day-

Afterburner Pajamas TV