Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Alamo City Pundit Leads Drive To Have Paintings Removed From Ebay

“Obama Porn” Artist Shifts From Obama PornTo Implied Child Porn and Full Frontal Nudity on Ebay - Alamo City Pundit

I'd like to respond to a few points here. The first is that Faithmouse's sister Taint is an adult. Taint drinks, smokes, curses, drives a car, and has an ongoing battle with a character named Fetus, who is in fact her fetus. A number of Taint cartoons demonstrating her adulthood can be found on the Faithmouse Forum at Portal Of Evil. Faith is very close in age to Taint and is married to BlackBear; together they have a family of six children. So, the blogger 'Your Humble Servant' is pulling this charge out of the air. It's untrue. Also, the painting is a parody of the Madonna photo up for auction at Christie's, which was taken when she was an adult. I'm guessing that the blogger, unfamiliar with the world of adult cartoons and illustrations which is especially popular right now in the low-brow art community, did his math like this: cartoon+nudity=child porn. I'll return to the subject of cultural misunderstanding in a moment.

The second point-Ebay allows nude artwork; there's a specific category for this, which all of these paintings are listed under. I know it doesn't allow 'insertion' or any other form of sexual activity, and none of these paintings violate that rule. I imagine the Taint painting might be categorized as adult only, although I sort of debated that when I posted it. Maybe, maybe not. I've seen many fine art pieces using exactly the same pose (including the Madonna photograph) from Classical artwork to the paintings of Courbet to Lucian Freud, but trouble is in the eye of the beholder, so Ebay might remove or re-categorize that one piece of artwork to the 'adult' section. Whatever they do is fine with me.

Point three, regarding cultural misunderstandings. This is pretty much why I grew tired of the ugliness and partisanship and got out of the Christian/Catholic conservative business (Faithmouse has been featured positively in the past on 'Your Humble Servant's' own blogroll.) The pointless World War I style trench fighting just wore me out.


The above, posted earlier this morning, was what I had hoped was a reasoned and restrained defense of my work in response to what I had at first assumed was an uninformed charge leveled at my Taint character. My mind had refused to grasp the reality of the actual complaint.

Ugly Betty Implied Child Porn

Update #2

What the heck...here's the full response I left on Alamo Pundit's blog, which he won't post but claims I deleted (!)

I appreciate the defense, guys.

JD, I want to thank you for the humor. Ebay may still drop my auctions, but I would recover just fine. I had originally assumed you were leveling an uniformed charge of ‘implied child porn’ against my Taint character, who is in fact of the age of consent; my mind refused to grasp the utter surreality that you were actually complaining about my ‘Ugly Betty’ painting. Just for the record, Betty is not nude from the waist down; she is clearly wearing her Guadalajara! Poncho. Barack and Penelope are indeed naked.

You may wish to Google the following search terms-

‘Faithmouse pro life’
‘pro Bush cartoons’
‘pro military cartoons’
‘Terry Schiavo cartoons’
‘Dan Lacey Faithmouse Alan Keyes Renew America’
‘Faithmouse Free Republic’

-or just search ‘Faithmouse’ in GIS to view my older cartoons. You’ll have to visit my fan forums or Fleshbot to see the newer ones.

There’s a reason I became disgusted by ‘my own side’ and bailed on my Christian/Conservative apologetic-it was because of asshats such as yourself who scream ‘liberty’ but strive to create less freedom in this country instead of more; it caused me to question who I was fighting for. You guys lost me big time. Yes, I paint and draw mouse porn, not to ‘push back the boundaries of what is acceptable in society’ but because it amuses the hell out of me. If you don’t like it, suck on it.

Anyway, I hope this is the last comment.

One more time...go away, you silly asshat.