Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Gallery Of Unfinished Paintings

Thanks to Gawker for posting the recent Rush The Hut painting.

I'm having a problem finishing things lately.

Started this a few hours to ago to replace the first Angelina Jolie/Octomom, which was meant to be the next painting in the Gawker series. That painting is unfinished, probably permanently so. This much better reboot just isn't done yet.

A Star Wars themed Rush/Palin/Steele in the style of Renoir. It just got too wet to work with.

Unfinished Fleshbot painting NSFW

This is all about circles. Taint is blowing a smoke shaped pancake.

A new adoration chapel painting. I need to reconcile the more expressionist painting of the robe with the softer portrait.

Adoration Chapel Mary. Also painted from a statue. Good start.

I tried two St. Patrick's Day paintings, but they both floundered. Here's a St. Patrick in the style of a recent Padre Pio. Save-able, but I need to let it dry first and lay a wash over the entire painting. Let's call this a developed underpainting.

Nude baby Obama on a baby unicorn.

I was about to post this on Ebay but realized after scanning the painting that I had gotten one eye too close to the nose, a bad habit I've become more aware of. Fixable. I think I'll add more detail to the skin tone when doing so.

Madchen the cat, who appears in my video.

An avatar in progress for a fellow Goon at SA named Dixie Cretin Seaman.

I started this as a commission for someone about a month ago, but after he realized he couldn't afford it I decided to do it for him at a better price. I think I could finish this in a half a day, if I could find one!