Saturday, March 07, 2009

John Odom Baseball Card

Minor league pitcher John Odom baseball card painting, with ten bats and the inscription 'Poena Pax Sapientia'

An 8 by 10 inch oil painting on sheet canvas of John Odom, the minor league pitcher who was traded to another team in exchange for ten bats and who died of an accidental drug overdose six months later after an election night party with friends. The painting is in the form of a baseball card. John Odom had a tattoo on his arm which read 'Poena Par Sapientia' which translates from the latin as Pain Equals Wisdom ('poena' in the original latin definition of pain as divine retribution for ill behavior)-I've written this instead as Pain Peace (Pax) Wisdom. John played for a farm team belonging to the San Francisco Giants organization, so I've gone ahead and given him that cap.

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