Monday, March 30, 2009

Not Bad Paintings Of Barack Obama

Not bad paintings of Barack Obama, a not bad likness

The first of two not bad paintings of Barack Obama that I've posted for auction on Ebay. By the way, I'm not included in the infamous, although in discussions of the site someone will usually post or cite one of my paintings.

Not A Bad Likeness Of Barack Obama - Ebay Art Auction

Chris gave a concert over the weekend at Redeemer Lutheran Church in White Bear Lake, and her performance was taped by SCC Public Access On Location Channel 19. If you live in the North St. Paul area you may wish to check out her hour broadcast, which will be televised tonight though April 1st. I'll post a copy of the performance sometime after we receive a copy from the station.

Chris Ward harp performance, channel 19

Minnesota harpist Chris Ward performs in concert, as captured by a Channel 19 camera person.

Completed a new Gawker request painting, but decided to do a last minute touch-up tomorrow morning before posting.