Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thank You, Onideus Mad Matter

If you have some time check out the works of Dan Lacey. His recent works include political pancake nudity! LOL

He's also the author of the comic Faithmouse and came up with the character Neverborn. Once a die hard right winger he's since moved more toward the middle after being turned off by the stupidity and ignorance of those he had aligned himself with. In doing so he gained immense popularity in some communities whilst others turned on him. But whatever your political position is you can't ignore great art and that's what Dan is all about.

I appreciate this, especially as I have a nemesis cartoonist (even though I've pretty much stopped drawing cartoons) from the Twin Cities area, who is repeatedly posting threads on boards claiming that I am a secret Theocrat, which is about as true as my being a Monarcist.

Politics repel me. I can only handle the subject as absurdist fantasy, so perhaps that's why some people enjoy my paintings.

The first of the Gawker paintings, in progress. I'm calling this one 'Rush The Hut.'