Friday, May 29, 2009

Art Studio, Friday Night

art studio Friday night

Hanging in the art studio on a Friday night. The art studio looks deceptively like an unfinished basement.

A few things I've been working on-

pancake house

Marzipan The Cat from Great Britain purchased a painting of a house made out of pancakes, but it never arrived, so I'm making a replacement. Many times when I paint I'll start with a thin color wash, and as surface dries I build up more opaque color. The walkway in this painting is made out of sausage patties.

new Buckley

For Sam, a new painting of William F. Buckley. Sam discovered my original painting of Mr. Buckley via Google image search. Most of my painting lately have been on sheet canvas 8 by 10 inches in size or smaller, but this is a stretched 16 by 20 inch canvas.


Update 3/2011 - I've learned this photograph from a few years ago of my painting area ( in amazingly clean condition; you can actually see the floor ) is a top image result on Google for art studio.

Thanks to Conny Norlund for including same in her post on how to get good at art. I doubt a current photo of the same view would be a top choice for her today.

I found her post improvement suggestions aside, I wonder if Conny has a sub file for pics of nude artists wearing pancake hats in her 4000 photo reference.   ?

-and just for the record; this is not Liz's dad+uncle+godfather's collection of unusual art in the United Kingdom.  Flattered, though.