Friday, May 01, 2009

A Special Request by Peta For Display At This Year's Kentucky Derby, Eight Belles 'Raced To Death'

Eight Belles 'Raced To Death' by Dan Lacey, for PETA memorial protest at the Kentucky Derby

A special request from PETA; an original oil painting I call Eight Belles 'Raced To Death' which was incorporated as the centerpiece of two Eight Belles memorial wreaths at the Kentucky Derby.

Eight Belles 'Raced To Death' memorial oil painting, as displayed by PETA at the Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs

Churchill Downs Becomes a Memorial Site - PETA

I'm making this as well as a previous Eight Belles painting available as my first collector's giclee art prints. If you like the fact that I'm collaborating with Peta, please consider purchasing a print. The quality is excellent.

PETA's Eight Belles 'Raced To Death' oil painting, by Dan Lacey