Tuesday, May 26, 2009

MTV's Best Week Ever

Susan Boyle portrait on MTV Best Week Ever blog

I've stopped posting collections of online references to my paintings, but I got a kick out of this appearance of one of my paintings on MTV's Best Week Ever blog, especially since the original oil painting sold for $30. Thanks, MTV. I still can't get my paintings into galleries or in print, so I very much appreciative the occasional acknowledgement such as the recent City Pages interview or ZME usage. Posts such as this help to bring more awareness to my Ebay auctions, so thanks.

On a lark, and because I've now had about three sites refer to myself or my paintings as 'genius' during the past month, and because I have nothing to lose, I Googled 'top New York art galleries' found one called David Zwirner which is currently having an Alice Neel exhibit, called them on the phone, told them about my recent New York Times interview, asked how I could submit work, and the woman I spoke to just about hung up on me during the conversation. She said the gallery only deals with artists they already know, which is an attitude I can't really get my head around. This must be what they mean by the designation 'outsider' artist.

If you haven't read through the comments, thanks to Ignatio Nova at Anything At All: The Comic, Joan, and Barry at Silly Platypus for the kind thoughts.