Monday, July 27, 2009

Daniel Tosh, The Comedian

An oil portrait of Daniel Tosh from Comedy Central's Tosh.0 with a pancake on his head. I call this painting 'The Comedian'-

Daniel Tosh, 'The Comedian'

Just before scanning this painting I realized I had forgotten the pancake, so I borrowed the pancake from my recent Robocop With A Pancake On His Head portrait and Photoshopped it onto Dan's head. I'll revise the painting with an actual pancake before listing it for auction on Ebay.

Unusual Paintings of Obama Naked with Unicorns - Wild Ammo

You can hear a new greeting I've recorded on the original HTML site.

I've decided that the painting looks just fine without the pancake-

Daniel Tosh, 'The Comedian'

Daniel Tosh: The Comedian - Ebay Art Auction

Thanks to Comedy Central and Greg for putting together a very nice segment on my paintings, as well as for the post on the Tosh.0 blog, where you are invited to offer insight on the Obama/Tosh painting which appeared on the program-

Sunday with Daniel and Barack - Tosh.0