Tuesday, July 14, 2009

WRIF Paintings, In Progress

I'm working on a number of paintings in celebration of my appearance tomorrow on the Drew and Mike in the Morning Show on WRIF, including this new piece in progress featuring Drew Lane and Mike Clark nude on unicorn while sailing over the great city of Detroit-

Drew Lane and Mike Clark nude on a unicorn, in progress

A view of the city will be included on the bottom, left-hand corner of the canvas. WRIF will also be added to Penelope's forehead, with the horn protruding from the 'R.'

Drew has a special appreciation for the work of Michael Jackson-

Drew Lane with Bubbles the Chimp

I'll have a number of additional paintings posted tomorrow as well, including a few Detroit-themed suggestions from my friends at Portal Of Evil News. All of these painting will be posted for auction on Ebay.

I've been invited to participate in the upcoming Run, Blago, Run art exhibition in Chicago, to which I'll be contributing a new Rod Blagovitch pancake painting. Thanks, Ray!

Thanks as well to those who have recently posted my work on various web sites and blogs, including a post this morning from the Latvian Mango.