Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Post Compilation Acknowledgement

A fan emailed me recently on Ebay to tell me something was wrong with the code on one of my posts; it was nothing but links to other sites. I told her that what she had seen was something I really don't have the time to do anymore, but which I try to find the time to do because I am thankful; and that is to post acknowledgements to the many followers of my artwork who repost and thereby promote my work online. Here's a partial list of said posts, collected from the past day. If you find an additional post or have made one yourself, please email me and I'll be happy to add it to the list- Barack Obama prays painting You Are Not Alone You Are Not Alone You Are Not Alone You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson Memorial Ticket Pancake MJ Memorial Ticket Pancake Paintings Paintings MJ painting MJ painting ban ban Tupac Jackson painting Faithmouse North Korean Rocket cartoon;topic=30725.0 Obama Unicorn link Faithmouse John McCain cartoon Palin pancakes MJ Memorial Ticket pancake link Obama unicorns Obama Unicorns Obama Unicorns MJ memorial ticket pancake Obama unicorns You Are Not Alone Palin Pancakes Broadway Obamas link Michael Tupac FR reference Elephant embryo painting MJ portrait MJ portrait Palin Pancakes Obama Unicorns paintings Obama Unicorns Rahm Emanuel Bagel and Lox MJ You Are Not Alone The Final Battle Putin Pancake (from May) You Are Not Alone Palin winking pancake Barack Obama portrait Obama unicorn painting