Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back Online, Nude Self Sans-Pancake

Back Of A Nude

After a Thanksgiving absence Lunarpages has conceded to allow my site to return; I'm in the process of switching my hosting service to Dreamhost. Thanks, Fluffy.

Posted is a new self-nude sans pancake. This, like the nude beforehand, is an excellent painting. The painting beforehand, one of the best pieces I've painted this year, sold for five dollars and fifty cents. I recently sold a new Michael Jackson for one dollar, which I ascribe to people temporarily not being able to find my work. For financial reasons I should probably just stop painting nudes, but like my defunct cartoon I think they're the best things I do.

Sometimes when I finish a painting I'll look at it again and say "Oh, is that what that was about?" I'm still suffering with a backache which now travels mainly down one arm, which I have trouble finding a comfortable place to rest each night. I have a full-time job working in a facility packaging dry foods such as pancake mix, which requires my lifting 50 lb sacks of oats, buckets of maple flavor, etc., and this has hampered the healing of whatever the hell this is. So I think this is a painting of my backache, represented by the contrast at the twist of my neck.

Back Nude- Ebay Art Auction