Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Gawker / Obama Unicorn Intervention

Barack Obama and Penelope the Unicorn intervention

The sixth painting in the Gawker series, which is an elaboration on the Rachel Maddow riding a be-saddled Keith Olbermann into battle with a lance and pancake shield against a comparably-though-perhaps-differently-armored Limbaugh riding Hannity suggestion. The suggestion was made before the full assention of Beck and includes a completely gratituous full bodied although one-legged Sarah Palin with pancakes on her head. Obama and Penelope the Unicorn insert themselves into the center of the fray but are powerless to stop the slaughter. A 1000 pixel wide image of the painting can be viewed on the Ebay auction page.

Obama Unicorn Intervention - Ebay Art Auction