Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Custom Portrait Of President Bill Clinton With A Pancake On His Head

An oil painting of President Bill Clinton with a pancake on his head

A miniature 5 by 7 inch oil painting of President Bill Clinton with a pancake on his head. One of my better pancakes, I think.

This was painted by request so you won't find it on the auction page. I'm happy to accept custom orders for similar subjects with pancakes on their heads, or pancakeless if so desired. The current rate is $50, and I'll be happy to both cover postage and will give you a larger 5 by 7 size for no additional cost.

As Vince the Sham-Wow guy says, act now because we (I) can't afford to do this all day-

You can pay for the portrait by using the PayPal ink below. Turn-around is usually a few days to a week from request to finished painting.

The Dan Lacey/Faithmouse Money Disappearing Trick

faithmouse (at) yahoo )dot( com

Thanks to Guitarman at his Young Dead Elms for his recent post regarding my pancake paintings. Much appreciated-

Young Dead Elms, Sarah Palin pancake painting

A collection of additional recent posts of my cartoons and paintings which I've discovered on various sites- - "A brief plug for the Obama muppet that I snagged from the web. This guy Dan Lacey has all sorts of interesting portraits on his blog." baby in womb painting - John McCain pancake painting I like turtles painting taint cartoon Ledger Barack Obama muppet stop the aclu cartoon Obama victory unicorn blog post mcpancake mcpancake valentine cartoon ledger obama unicorn pepe mccain Obamanista? Obamaunicorn McPancake "We haven't had one of these stress reliever threads posted in almost a year. Post your favourite pic of a bunny with a pancake attached to it's head. " Barack Obama muppet McPancake "Since we're on a McCain spree, might as well..."
ছন্নছাড়ার পেন্সিল - baby in womb painting

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