Monday, October 27, 2008

Washington DC Capitol Dome With A Pancake On Its Head

Washington D.C. Capitol Dome with a pancake on its head

A miniature oil painting of the Washington D.C. U.S. Capitol Dome with a pancake on its head.

Washington D.C. Capitol Dome - Ebay Art Auction

Professor Paul Myers of the University of Minnesota Morris posts about a cartoon which satirizes Faithmouse. The professor was in the news not very long ago for announcing on his blog that he was holding the Eucharist hostage.

Minnesota Professor Pledges To Desecrate Eucharist - Catholic League

Some additional post of my cartoons and paintings which I've discovered in my referrer stats- current cartoon Obama portrait Obama muppet Obama unicorn Barack Obama portrait Heath Ledger mamma mia cartoon I like turtles Obama pancake Neverborn cartoon McPancake Heath Ledger / Joker Obama pancake