Sunday, January 29, 2012

Large Black and White Portrait Of Barack Obama

A large stretched black and white acrylic painting of Barack Obama-

a large stretched canvas painting of Barack Obama

I've been painting a number of larger canvases in a more expressive drawing style, which feels pretty comfortable. One of my goals has always been to paint faster while still producing interesting work so we'll see how far this progresses. A second Joe Paterno painting is also posted to Ebay; I'm offering each at a set price of $100, which is a pretty good deal for a 2 by 3 foot canvas. Each painting comes well-packaged in a hand made foamboard mailer.

I've also received a few inquiries regarding new Obama unicorn paintings, which I'd like to try in this style as well. Not sure if I'll offer those at a set price or auction but I'm leaning towards the latter.

A Large Black And White Obama Portrait - Ebay

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