Monday, January 02, 2012

Two Male Nude Paintings Art Auctions

Two new male nude portraits painted early this morning. As with all of my male nudes, these are self-portraits.

A male nude posing in front of a canvas-
male nude pose art

Male Nude Posing -Ebay Art Auction

A second male nude painting, this time squatting down while looking in a cabinet-
male nude back art painting

Male Nude Back Art -Ebay Art Auction

I painted both at the same time, but each has a different feel.  The 'bottom' painting is oil painted into a white white undercoat, while the first painting is a combination of acrylic and oil applied together.

I've been painting and selling larger discount canvases at a set price, which is allowing me post the auctions for a longer period of time.  As with many of the auctions, I'll go in and revise the paintings here and there in a few days, which is probably what I'll do with these two.

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