Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Seven Paintings Revised

I probably shouldn't be left alone too long with my paintings because I'll rework them until the cows come home. Here are seven paintings which had issues no one else seemed to notice.  More than anything, they just needed another hour or two of work to create better overall integrity.

Kim Jong Il revised 1

The late Kim Jong Il now has fancier pancake hair.

david prairie dog 1 revised

A more dramatic dramatic prairie dog. The burst of blue behind the head is now the source of the blue at the bottom of the painting.

bachmann corndog painting revised

More detail for Michele Bachmann's pancake corndog.  Need to add this to the Art Of Bachmann blog.  This may be the final painting in that series.

kim jong 2 revised

Second of three revised Kim Jong Il pancake hair paintings. I painted all four Kim's on an all night post-death mourning freak.

pope john paul revised

More detail for my Pope John Paul II pancake.  Consider this a color sketch for a future much-more-developed John Paul pancake portrait, similar to my Mother Teresa pancake painting from a few years ago.

kim jong 3 glorious pancake hair painting

Kim #3.

I like turtles zombie kid painting revised

This recent I Like Turtles zombie kid painting made its way around Tumblr before I had the chance to thin the left side of Jason's face.  I'll probably exchange the turtles print currently on Ebay for this version, which has more energy.

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  1. Such an amazing and powerful painting.Good colors collection.Thanks..