Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Large Michael Jackson Blue Eyes Painting

A large 'blue' 24 by 36 inch 2 by 3 foot painting of Michael Jackson. This same painting was bought but never purchased by a buyer in France a month and a half ago. Since then I've spent some additional time on the canvas, so at $100 it's an even nicer value-

Michael Jackson art painting 1

Michael Jackson art painting 2

You can see how large the painting actually is in the photo above by comparing it to the quart bottle of acrylic at the far left.

Michael Jackson art painting 3

The painting is mailed in a sturdy, handmade foamboard mailer.  Shipping is 20 US or 30 International, which is below my actual cost. The canvas is stapled on the back and painted black around the edge, so a frame isn't necessary.

Michael Jackson Blue Eyes Painting - Ebay Art Buy-It-Now

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