Thursday, January 05, 2012

Male Nude Muscle Bodybuilder Back Painting Art Auction

A painting of the back of a male nude in something of a body builder pose. As with all of my male nude art, this is a self portrait. 

male nude muscle bodybuilder art

Muscles courtesy of necessity.

A similar painting from a few years ago has landed on page 1 of GIS for male nude painting which I'm grateful for.  For the term male nude art I have a painting which comes up either 4 or 7 depending upon the safety seach setting. 

Usually when I'm feeling boxed in by committments I can quickly produce some better nudes, I think because of the psychological release within the realization that I can be more painterly when I feel I'm not trying to please anyone in particular. 

By far, most people discover my paintings by way of Google and Google Image Search. I recieve a good amount of international attention for my nudes, which I try to help people find by using translated terms such as Nudité Akt Nackt Nu Nudo Ню Desnuda Ню, etc.  Lately I've been forcing myself to post auction items on Ebay for at least 7 days to give more people a chance to stumble upon the originals. I'm particulary grateful for the many posts of my paintings by Russians, who have a continuing appreciation for the form.  Я особенно благодарен моим мужчина ню, которые были размещены в России, например, мой "на корточках обнаженной", которые можно увидеть в компиляции на ЖИВОПИСЬ О ЖИВОПИСИ ( Paintings on Painting). You can find a number of additional posts in Russian regarding my paintings by searching Dan Lacey художник in

The painting posted above is for auction on Ebay, with a starting bid of .99. 

Male Nude Body Builder Weight Lifter Painting

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