Friday, May 18, 2012

Canada PM Stephen Harper Pancake Painting, Not Nude

I've noticed that curiosity regarding a painting of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper in the nude and in the pose of Manet's Olympia is causing some activity in my stats, mainly from people searching for pictures of Stephen Harper nude which I am in the uncomforable position of not having. I apologize for the oversight. It did remind me though of this portrait of Mr. Harper with pancakes and Canadian bacon hair I in the past painted and which briefly appeared as an ebay art auction a few years ago before disappearing into the kitchen pantry archives-

Stephen Harper with pancakes and Canadian bacon on his head, and not very nude

Sans a painting of Stephen Harper in the buff, perhaps you will settle for recent depiction of Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and former Foreign Minister Keven Rudd naked and on a kangaroo-

Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd nude and on a kangaroo, with pancakes

All the best.

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