Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Obama Gay Marriage Pancake Painting Ebay Art Auction

Obama is posed before a roughly rainbow colored background, which clues us that the portrait may have something to do with Gay cultural issues.  Echoing this, the face is modeled with a variety of colors both warm and cool in tone, which seem to be applied over more subdued and natural colors.  The colors aren't integrated well on the face but attempt to compliment the background.  There seems to be an attempt to paint something 'modern' over a very traditional portrait.  Obama wears a high white collar, bordered by a red/conservative background color on one side, and blue/liberal on the opposite where it is lower. On the pancake is a shape made of butter and syrup which suggests a stringed musical instrument; a guitar, or perhaps a violin.   The neck of the 'guitar' drips thickly downwards and closely misses Obama's one open eye. The drip makes some effort to make a connection with Obama, and in doing so forms a sort of handle but nearly creates a problem with the President's vision. The drip seems to rest on Obama's eyelashes...will he blink?
This portrait is symbolic of President Obama's difficulty in supporting and now surviving his decision to support Gay marriage.

Obama Gay pancake painting

Obama Gay Marriage Pancake Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

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