Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Hard to find a moment to thank people...but thanks!-

I just cannot wait to put this up on my wall. I love Betty White, especially her role in Boston Legal. I will be buying more of your work. My favourite is 'You are not alone'. Kind regards and love from the UK -Julie


I ordered your Obama Healthcare print for my boyfriend's birthday a couple years ago after we saw your work featured on Tosh.0, since he's a doctor and I thought he'd like it. I wasn't completely sure where he'd want to hang it and half expected him to put it on the bathroom wall, but he loved it so much he hung it on the kitchen wall. Since then, we've given his Berkeley law professor brother a copy of the same print and recently, for an anniversary present, I gave him a Chairman Meow print (he loves cats). It really helped complete our kitchen wall triptych of fearless leaders. (I'd found a painting of Kim Jong Il as a centaur in a catalog and gave it to him last Christmas.)

Just wanted to share a picture of a couple of your prints on a kitchen wall in Baltimore and tell you how much we (and all of our guests) love them!



Congrats on your success on putting pancakes everywhere. Putting one on the overpriced Armstrong Corvette was perfect. I'll frame it and hand it in my car barn. -Charley


RT @biggayicecream: Searching for "unicorn art" on Ebay led Bryan to this: (Please buy this. I insist you own this.) - Jane Weidlin of The Go-Go's


I thought you would appreciate these. This is my girlfriends son with a giant pancake. He couldn't pull it off but gave it a good try.

I took my nephews there and told them if they could eat one pancake i would buy them a pony. When the pancakes came out, my nephew dropped his head and said "Im never gonna get a pony".

Love my Bin Laden pic thanks again!

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