Thursday, June 18, 2009

Faithmouse Reboot

I've had my hands full for the past few days completing a number of commissions and also touching up auction items. One of the reasons I have so many 'it's nicer than it looked online' comments in my Ebay feedback is that I'll usually put additional detail work into paintings before mailing them off.

Another reason my output has been slowed is that I'm working again on Faithmouse. I'm always sort of taken aback, when people mention my pancake paintings or the 'Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn' series, that it's as if Faithmouse never existed. As viral as many of my paintings have gone online, Faithmouse was that and more so.

A few weeks ago, the London based ChurchBrand UK, which originated the TV4Life Christian programming guide, contacted me regarding their new The Christian Times newspaper. So, starting at the end of this month and after a delay from the time of inception, Faithmouse will appear in print as well as online exclusively via The Christian Times. If you live in Great Britain, the editor of TCT will be interviewed this Sunday on BBC regional TV by Ashley Peatfield, director of religious programming.