Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Unfinished Kitchen Floor Paintings

Unfinished paintings which I've been working on during the past few days, laid out nicely on my kitchen floor. I had to bribe my cats with treats to keep them from walking all over the paintings while I took the photo-

unfinished kitchen floor paintings

From the top- A new monstrance painting started at my local Perpetual Adoration Chapel, Obama Unicorn/Mike Tyson allusion, Obama holds a sports jersey which says 'Obama', a Ford pickup with a pancake on top (by request), Obama Unicorn 'American Idol', Susan Boyle with lights behind her evoking a Union Jack, Justice Sotomayor Aztec priestess pancake, Jon and Kate turning their backs on eight small pancakes, three robins eggs (painted from a photo I took of a nest outside my front door), two Obama 'gold' portraits, a male nude study, and a new Phil Spector prison pancake.

I'm putting all of these aside to work on a painting I'm calling 'Broadway Obamas' which I think will be pretty nifty. Hopefully I'll have it completed by the end of the day.