Thursday, June 11, 2009

I Make A Challenge

Roissy in DC has a post titled The State Of Art In America, bemoaning the state of art in America, of which I've been a somewhat recognized contributor as of late.

Here is my challenge-

I would be very much interested in painting the life story of Padre Pio with a special focus on his relationship with America; perhaps painting the illustrations large enough both for a book and for a traveling exhibition. Considering the amount of money some of these artists are asking for their work, and the consensus of the commentators here that higher value work needs to be offered to the public, I would say 150,000 would be a fair price for the project, which would take me about two years to complete.

Here are a few samples of my work-

So, it’s up to you, if this project will be created or not. I would think if you all went in a few thousand dollars it could be funded, and you would have a triumph.

By the way, I’m the creator of the ‘Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn’ series, noted earlier. I’m the ‘Painter Of Pancakes’ the ’self-described disillusioned conservative’ recently featured in a front page New York Times story, and the creator of the ‘Faithmouse’ cartoon who couldn’t find enough support in the Christian conservative community to continue my pro-life apologetic, and who then decided to produce the sort of work people were actually willing to pay for, and I’m very grateful for my fans.

So here’s your opportunity. Surely the quality of my work if worthy of your support, and you already fully understand that quality has a price.

This is a serious offer. If someone is willing to step forward and fund the project, or to organize the funding of the project, I will do it.