Thursday, June 04, 2009

Susan Boyle Happy

Susan Boyle happy

A new portrait of Susan Boyle, happy. This is a rework of the image posted this morning. Sometimes a painting is just too wet for further detail work, so I have to let it sit overnight before I complete it.

If you compare the thumbnail image, which is saved by Ebay, with the updated hotlinked image which is displayed in the description, you can readily see the differences between the initial and the completed version. I've been trying to post auctions sometime before 3 AM so people have a chance to bid live on the closing. The updateable hotlink gives me a chance to do so before revisions. Again, the larger image on the auction is the completed and refined painting, and, in my opinion, much improved.

I still can't spell 'Britain.'

Susan Boyle Happy - Ebay Art Auction