Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Hat tips

Tyler Hudgens has posted today's cartoon at his Xanga site, which causes me to believe I didn't completely miss the mark with this toon which I hacked at with a machete until 6 this morning. After benefit of a few hours sleep I believe it must be almost impossible to tell that the book cover reads 'Harry Potter' in Chinese, and the connection between the flying cover and the Bible it was ripped from by the wind must be tenuous at best; I'll tweak these and some other smaller details later this evening.

By the way, the Potter series is wildly popular in China. While the current book is available in English, the Chinese translation by a two gal team won't be available until October. The translations I've seen are two book sets, which is why the book cover is smaller and fits our friend's New Testament. Please note also that all the reading material is appropriately backwards, which is how I normally encroach upon reading materials myself.

This is my first cartoon about both China and Harry Potter. I know a heck of a lot more about China than Potter, after having read zero of the books and having seeing none of the movies. In a few years I may have an opinion regarding the current Karl Rove controversy. I've just recently hatched an idea for a SpongeBob/James Dobson toon which I might get around to in, say, the next four months or so. I hate rushing an idea.

I'm honored to be linked on Loni's Journaling Through The Valley, a blog dedicated to the memory of her 16 year old son Matthew.
Alexa has linked faithmouse by way of a recent Neverborn toon on her 'Birth Story', which can be found at the Blogger address Forest Nymph.
The Global Chinese Christian Newspaper Gospel Post added faithmouse last week. 'Windy' is the tagline they've added to today's toon.
The imaginary Ezekiel Bulver at John Briggs C.S. Lewis inspired Bulverist Online Chronicle has posted the regularly updating cartoon.
I would like to send everyone supporting the cartoons hugs, kisses and cash, but if I tried to do so I'd never find the time to produce new work; that and my wife likes to see me now and then.
So, a hearty thanks here and now to all.

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