Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Toon 7/20/05

A hat tip to Stacy Harp of Mind & Media for her compliment on today's cartoon.

I respond to a forum post-

What exactly is your stance on Harry then? From this picture I gather intellectually little, but that is probably just because it is me. What are they saying? -Stinkysock89

To wit I reply-

Thanks for the question, Stinkysocks.

In China, Harry Potter is wildly popular and Christianity is under horrendous persecution by the State. This fellow is hiding his Bible under a cover of a Harry Potter book. Because his 'cover' has been blown, he's in great danger.

This cartoon also appears today on the Global Chinese Christian Newspaper under the tagline 'Windy.'

Thirty years ago, this fellow might have hidden his faith under the cover of Mao's Little Red Book. Today Mao is out of vogue while Western cultural ideals are being increasingly accepted, even though China remains an oppressive Communist regime. Who has changed, the west or the east? It speaks volumes (pardon) that the fantasy world of Harry Potter is openly encouraged while Christianity remains a hunted threat.

God bless - on HHSmart Person's 'You Are Unique!'

Meanwhile, here's a comment from Salvage's Hairy Fish Nuts site-

And check out (Faithmouse and Blackbear) -she’s a mouse, he’s a bear, how on earth are they going to make it work? Her hundreds of brothers and sisters will never understand and his parents will just want to eat her. Omnivorous / rodent relationships never work out, I sense this will all end badly.

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