Sunday, July 31, 2005


The moment I see the light of cartoon day and actually perceive the possibility of whipping out that elusive John Bolton or SpongeBob cartoon, or returning to the Blackbear/Faith series I initiated two weeks ago with one solitary cartoon, Bill Frisk ups and splits with the President on Stem Cell research. Go figure. Guess I'll bail on everything I was planning to do and draw a cartoon inspired by Ed Vitagliano's recent Liberal Media Lashes Out at Christians.
Talking about Harper's magazine and specifically this page on their site; against his wishes the poet e. e. cummings continues to receives full capitalization. I recently gave up this fight, as hardly anyone except the folks at Live Journal take it upon themselves to honor my lower case spelling of 'faithmouse', so deemed because faithmouse is a noun but not a proper one. You may be a 'faithmouse' or I may be, but the actual name of the character is 'Faith'. Explaining this to linkers would make me feel snooty, so I honor whatever it is they do. The number of links to something called 'Faith Mouse' is growing as well, and I'm just as powerless to stop it. Think I'll go make a sandwich.

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