Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Rock the Block

The 'Neverborn' cartoon from today has been posted in a forum at the pregnancy tracking site Fertility Friend.
I've been asked by Rock The Block to contribute a few items to neighborhood flyers used to advertise their 'Urban evangelism through Gospel rap, hip-hop and street witnessing' block party/concerts in the New York city area. As a person who grew up in Brooklyn, I think that's pretty cool.
I also think it's pretty cool that Democratic Underground has deemed to start a thread about the cartoon, under the heading 'psuedo (sic)-christo-fascist cartoons OR a the mind of the religious right.' Of course, the political Right is now the great American middle-ground. As an example, those who believe in the sanctity of traditional definitions of marriage are now considered members of or sympathizers of that same 'psuedo (sic)-christo-fascist right' a label which in it's unbiased definition encompasses most people, or at least the voting majorities.
It's hot and rainless here in Mn, which is a change from recent wet patterns. Wild raspberries can be found all around our property; we're about a month or more away from the blackberries. The U of M grapes look great, although I do need to unknot them from the woods where they've wildly entangled themselves. Thankfully they're one of the few plants the original faithmouse and I have introduced to the garden which the rabbits show absolutely no interest in.
A toon about Fidel in remembrance of the 1994 massacre at sea will be posted later this evening.

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