Thursday, July 21, 2005

Toon 7/21/05

Faithmouse Historical Society (update overdue).

Hat tip to Charmaine Yoest for giving Faithmouse a plug and posting the most recent Neverborn cartoon, in addition to linking to a post on this blog.
I've received a thank you email from Adam at Rock The Block for putting together the flyer for their Kid's Crusades block parties, which will be distributed to various neighborhoods around New York starting in August.
I'll be personally dropping off some Neverborn TIFF's at Human Life Alliance, which may be able to make use of some of the cartoons in their literature. Following that the original Faithmouse and I will be off to the Scott County Fair, where we'll keep an eye open for Leftist Crop Art and Chickens That Look Like Michael Moore. Oh, and fried donuts, of course.

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