Monday, July 11, 2005

Toon 7/11/05

The pro-British cartoon I intended for today has been delayed forever, mainly because I've already seen so many excellent similar toons (pookie18 at his thread today on Free Republic has posted a number of great ones). Therefore I've decided to move on. There are worthwhile news subjects which haven't garnished one cartoon, let alone thirty.

My notion was to make a comparison between the destruction of Coventry Church in England during WWII with the church at the foot of the World Trade Center. The connect between time and place was to be the subway. A worthy idea, I believe, especially when one considers the number of historic houses of worship destroyed by war. So, another day and for a different reason.

Alan Keyes' Renew America and the faithmouse media empire have coordinated today's press release. If you're visiting as a result of having seen this information, welcome!

I'm working throughout the day to add files to the publicity page, so please check in later in the day for updates. Also, I'll be posting a new cartoon later in the afternoon as well.

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