Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Toon 7/12/05 Neverborn-delivery refused, return to sender

Sorry, fell asleep...for about 13 hours. The original faithmouse has a cold. Then we had to buy some pansies, as I aced the ones we've had with weed killer (Ortho needs to put their backyard mosquito barrier and weed killer in different colored plastic spray bottles). Life keeps interfering with the vast media empire. Anyway, here's today's toon, which is an expansion on an idea from last year.

Thanks to Agent Tim for posting the recent Ten Commandments toon with extended commentary-

Here's a few new links and cartoon affiliates I'd like to thank-
Church of the Woods -Lake Arrowhead, California, added updating cartoon
Tidbits and Treasures -Nice plug from Barbara, who also has a link to the toon on her 'Entourages' site.
Best of the Net -Italian language site, added toon
Daily Inklings -Elizabeth from the 'Mind and Media' blogroll, who added a graphic link to the cartoon from her site.
Abortion Debate -a few Neverborn toons posted in a recent forum.
Thanks, everyone!

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