Monday, March 31, 2008

La Oración De La Más Pequeña

La Oración De La Más Pequeña Amy Winehouse and Hillary Clinton

Just a thought based upon a recent series of popular videos featuring a Chilean midget transvestite known only as 'La Pequeña' who, while dancing badly and speaking in a husky voice, portrays both Amy Winehouse and Hillary Clinton.

My first impression when watching these videos was 'now there's a person who needs Christ!' But then I realized that it was arrogant of me to believe he doesn't know Christ already, in his own way.

I think we all have a natural predilection to project ourselves in some way upon Christ, to bring Him to 'our own size.'

Catholic Themed Drawings

A few of the pencil drawings I finished and posted to my Ebay gallery on Sunday-

Pope John Paul II,suffering pontiff
Pope John Paul II, suffering pontiff. This is the image I'm running as the regularly updating hotlink. In the original photo, John Paul is writing. Here he looks into himself.

Saint St. Padre Pio, Capuchin confessor and stigmatic of Pietrelcina
Saint Padre Pio, Capuchin confessor and stigmatic of Pietrelcina. I drew this almost entirely while riding as a passenger in a car. I use what looks like a graphic device to allude to his ability to bilocate and other mystic abilities.

St. Anne with child Mary iconic Marion image
St. Anne with child Mary. After a photo of a statue of which I'm afraid I don't know the history. Looks French to me. All lines emanate from St. Anne's womb.

I've collected a few dozen new links and post acknowledgements, but I've been so busy building my Ebay gallery that its been difficult keeping up with anything but.

More drawings tomorrow!

Friday, March 28, 2008

John McCain McMuppet

John McCain as a muppet
Republican Presidential candidate John McCain as a Sesame Street muppet.

Larger John McCain cartoon.

John McCain Republican Political Sesame Street Muppet -Ebay Auction

He just seemed to lend himself well to Muppetature. I'm looking forward to a presidential cabinet you can actually pick up and put in a cabinet.

Elmo-Health and Human Services, Animal-Department of Defense, Big Bird-EPA, The Count-FEMA, Miss Piggy-Department of Beauty, Stadler and Waldorf-Social Security get the picture. If disagreements break out they can always toss each other wildly across the room.

Then they can have guest hosts. Ladies and gentlemen...Raoul Castro! (musical skit about brothers.)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

World Trade Center Towers On 9-11 Drawing

A post 9-11 painting of Robocop with breasts-

Sexy Robocop security defends us from 911

Robocop with breasts represents our post-911 DOHS society; reanimated from our economically decimated national Detroit, an impersonal conglomeration of technological and human elements. When we scroll down the page we are confronted finally with the seductive aspect of our super-creation. Do we consider these unreal, artificial appearing breasts to be attractive? Robocop seems to be trying much too hard to convince us that he/she/it is more human than machine. Behind our highly desired security apparatus, 9-11 happens without end. Our defender does not look at the tragedy but at us. The promised sequel does not happen; the original feature is remarketed over and over again.

Robocop With Breasts 911 Anniversary Painting - Ebay Art Auction

World Trade Center towers on 9-11

A drawing of the World Trade Center towers on 9-11.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


sister trouble
Click image above for larger cartoon.

Faithmouse and her ongoing 'sister' trouble named Taint.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spiritual Menu

Tennessee hotel offers spiritual menu instead of nightstand bible

Tennessee Hotel Nixes Bibles, Offers 'Spiritual Menu' instead - FoxNews

Catholic bibles have seven more individual 'books' than Protestant versions.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Good News / Easter Sunday Cartoon

good news Easter Sunday cartoon

Faith and a few close friends in a Good News/Easter Sunday cartoon.

Friday, March 21, 2008

An Easter Bunny Cartoon

This painting of an Easter Bunny with an egg balanced on its head is currently for auction on Ebay (ends Friday, April 10, 2009)-

Easter Bunny with an egg on top of his her head

A 5 by 7 inch oil painting of a floppy eared Easter Bunny with an egg on top of its head.

Easter Bunny With Egg- Ebay Art Auction

And now, your Faithmouse Easter Bunny cartoon (first posted a few years ago)-

easter bunny cartoon

An Easter bunny cartoon.

A Good Friday Cartoon

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama compete for Christian voters

Barack Obama and Hillary Chipmunk compete for the favor of Christian voters with unexpected consequences in this Good Friday cartoon.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Chantal Sebire

A new painting of Chantal Sebire which is currently on auction at Ebay.

I painted this while I was sick, and the end result isn't exactly what I was trying for, but as a painting I imagine it isn't all that bad. The auction ends later today (Holy Saturday, 2009.) Right now the current bid is $1 dollar with eleven hours to go-

Chantal Sebire, french woman with painful and disfuring nasal tumor, denied right to doctor-assisted suicide

Chantal Sebire 'Blue' Portrait - Ebay Art Auction

Previous Chantal Sebire themed artwork-

Chantal Sebire, french woman with painful and disfuring nasal tumor, denied right to doctor-assisted suicide
Click image above to view larger. Largest.

Chantal Sebire double portrait

Chantal Sebire French Euthanasia Before/After Portrait - Ebay Auction

Chantal Sébire, a French woman who suffered from a painful and disfiguring nasal tumor, was recently denied her request before a court in Dijon for the right to doctor-assisted suicide. In my cartoon she says to my Neverborn character (the soul of an aborted child become an angel) "Thank you for releasing me, little one. Now I am finally free!"

No mercy for French woman dying of rare cancer - Hemlock Society

Chantal Sebire,euthanasia

Chantal Sebire found dead at home - News.Com.Au

Faithmouse is a long-running independent Catholic/Christian editorial cartoon. It started eight years ago as a very conservative political cartoon, but now features a cast of continuing characters representing both conservative and liberal viewpoints. Some of the cartoons employ direct sexual analogies and do not appear on this web site. You can find these adult-content cartoons on sites such as Something Awful (Faithmouse Megathread, currently with 480 votes and a 4.94 gold rating), Portal Of Evil (the Faithmouse forum, 2593 comments), Hipinion (search 'Faith Mouse') and Ilxor (currently active is the 'Dan Lacey bandwidth-abuse thread'.)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bullock's Oriole

Baltimore Oriole bird art

This miniature painting of a Bullock's Oriole in winter is the newest addition to my Ebay art gallery. Paintings such as this are an affordable and fun way to collect original art. Better yet-your purchase also helps to keep Faithmouse online. Thanks for your support!

I have a new Easter cartoon in progress, as well as a cartoon on the subject of Chantal Sebril, the woman who recently denied the right to state-supported suicide by a French court and who was just today found dead in her home...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Cartoon / Snake Busters!

UPDATE 3/16/2012-  How far the distance from the time of this pro Catholic cartoon, drawn five years ago, to today, with my many paintings of Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn, self nudes, and portraits of people with pancakes on their heads....

St.Patricks Day painting

This is a pro-Barack Obama Nude On A Unicorn Painting for St. Patrick's Day that I call The Luck Of Obama. It is available for $200 on Ebay.  Cheap cheap!

St. Patrick's Day cartoon, Snakebusters!
Click above to view larger image.
Neverborn plays 'Snake Buster!' in this St. Patrick's Day cartoon.

A few recent post and link acknowledgements-
Aces High II Bulletin Board (Happy St. Pat's Day) - Snake Busters!
Sodahead - God Loves You This Much cartoon.
Blogs4Brownback - Faithmouse Friday (Saturday edition.)
Greedy or Needy - Neverborn/Vote For Life.
Steven King Forums - Poot Spot (registration required.)
Pie and Bovril - Neverborn/Bob Ross cartoon.

William F. Buckley, Jr. Considers His 'Point'

William F. Buckley, Jr. oil portrait

William F. Buckley, Jr. Miniature Oil Portrait - Ebay Auction

NCR: William F. Buckley’s Catholic Legacy - Pro Ecclesia

A miniature oil portrait of conservative icon, polemicist, television host and author William F. Buckley, Jr., who passed away last month at the age of 82. I procured the image from the following YouTube video of a 1969 Firing Line debate between Buckley and author Noam Chomsky.

Two of my favorite television shows when I was a kid were Bozo and Firing Line. Why Firing Line I couldn't say, except that I remember suspecting that Mr. Buckley might be a vampire.

Friday, March 14, 2008

U.S. Flag with Rainbow

U.S. American flag oil painting with rainbow

U.S. Flag Painting With Rainbow - Ebay Auction

Completion of the miniature (4x6 inch) American Flag oil painting I posted in progress about a month ago, and shown close to actual size. Now with rainbow!

I'm having good success with my small oils, but I've discovered in order to get a quality painting at this size it's almost impossible to work alla prima. Almost all of these paintings are therefore completed over the course of days if not weeks, each a little at a time.

As a byproduct of my technique, a host of small wet paintings are now balanced judiciously thoughout our home. It's looking like an art workshop run by and for elves around here.

Thank goodness the cats can't jump up on top of the fridge.

My Fans

a cartoon fan

Most of my cartoons are now drawn and posted for the pop culture boards which used to be the major critics of Faithmouse. In deference to my original audience I (try to) keep these cartoons offsite. The result is that visitors to this blog alone are only aware of less than half of the cartoon in the present incarnation. I've always stated that the cartoon is art before ideology; I've been leaning heavily towards the 'art' segment of the equation as of late.

Together, Roger Water's Radio K.A.O.S. and the David Gilmore led A Momentary Lapse of Reason would have made for a killer Pink Floyd album.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I've been contributing to an off-site board recently and have recieved a number of sketch requests. Here are a few-

Dumbo queries: "I would love to have a sketch of St. Ignatius of Loyola as a cat."

Ned asks: "If you are doing famous people in sketches can I request something where Tom Cruise has issues with Catholicism and Scientology?"

Liberalis Fidelis wonders: "I wondering if you could do a Hunter S. Thompson because your Amy Winehouse is amazing."

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Timothy Tears

A sad teddy bear
A very sad teddy bear, drawn for no particular reason. I'm pretty much going exclusively to pencils now. Quicker, and I think more expressive.

If you're unfamilar with the cartoon, the wiper is a loose thread which comes out of the top of Timothy A. Bear's head.

Our local Kool-Aid Report has this to say about Faithmouse-

So after the cryptic and incoherent cartoon blog Faithmouse won last year's honor, I decided to mimic its winning formula and rolled out KAR's very own unintelligible (but highly proprietary) freebie-mag style art-f**k toon, which I lovingly named "Fleen". Unfortunately, as the year has worn on, I have forgotten about the Fleen franchise. But thanks to Mitch's reminder, I still have time to make my impression on the City Pages before they render their decision. With the return of this this winning formula, I have no doubt that KAR will be the first Northern Alliance blog (or ThunderJournal) to win Best Local Right Wing Blog honors.

-followed by a Photoshop of someone kicking Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman in the gonads. I'm no Coleman fan myself, but some still wonder why people have stopped listening to 'our' side.

I submit a cryptic and incoherent toon for LeftFoot to decipher.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

An Excellent Deconstruct at Democratic Underground

I thought this analysis posted by Rageneau on a thread at Democratic Underground was not only perceptive, but an excellent opportunity to state what the cartoon has evolved into during the course of the past few years-

Rageneau: Here's my take on all four of these (commenting upon four cartoons).

Number One.
Panel one: Passer-by Christian (named FaithMouse) sees Dem and Rep arguing the Bible, but sees both are wrong (note Bible is upside down), Panel two. In a spirit of brotherhood, FaithMouse shows them how to read the book and teaches that the whole point is to love each other. Panel three. Persuaded she has brought peace and truth and hope and light to the two political partisans, FaithMouse goes on her way, happy and fulfilled. Panel four: But it turns out the political partisans don't want to hear the REAL message of the Bible; they want to use it as a weapon -- which they do, against their common enemy: someone who puts brotherly love above partisan politics.

Nuimber Two
Panel One :FaithMouse checks in on her old rightwing pal, Mallard the Duck, who is drinking heavilly because the Democrats have just taken over. FaithMouse tries to stop Mallard from doing something foolish -- like roaring off full of booze and rage. Panel two. But off Mallard goes anyway, a menace to himself and others, blind with furor from losing the election. (Note that his vehicle makes the annoying rightwing noise "Freep" as it roars along.) Panel three: Like a typical wingnut, Mallard would rather that everyone die rather than not get his own way, so he takes aim at a vehicle full of the people he most hates (a bunch of lefties in a V-W bus) and crashes into them, killing himself, them, and any chance for peaceful, harmonious political change.

Number Three
Panel One. Rank-and-file fatcat Republicans can't believe that the idiot evangelicals in their party are supporting a backwards fundamentalist preacher (Huckabee). They are telling the evangelicals, in no uncertain terms, what a headache they are causing the Party. Panel two: The evangelicals are gone, but before leaving, have responded by shoving their Bible right up the Party's big fat Republican nose.(IOW, they may sit out the election).

Number Four
In Panel One, FaithMouse has reminded a fellow 'believer' that Jesus taught we should remove the plank in our own eye before we point out the speck in another person's. (i.e., Our own faults are usually worse than those we criticize in others.) But the angry partisan will have none of that. He arrogantly insists that Jesus's words do not apply in this particular case, and that FaithMouse is trying to protect someone who doesn't deserve protecting. Panel two. This angry partisan now becomes angry with FaithMouse for suggesting that he not criticize his enemy, presumptuously insisting that even Jesus himself would agree that, in this case, his criticisms of his opponent are well-deserved. Panel three. Now the angry partisan -- threatened by the suggestion he might be in the wrong, accuses FaithMouse of KNOWING that he is right and that even Jesus KNOWS he is right. And since everybody including Jesus KNOWS that angry partisan is right, then maybe the "plank'" is in FaithMouse's eye and not his own. Panel four: Whereupon Jesus demonstrates to him that the 'plank' in question is unquestionably in his OWN eye, because Jesus himself sticks it there.

followed by my comments.



Timothy A. Bear makes a confession. In progress...

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Mallard Fillmore Meets Doonesbury

Mallard Fillmore parody cartoon

A Mallard Fillmore parody cartoon. Click above for larger.

How I feel about newspaper cartoons, especially long running and pompous drivel from both left and right. Considering the imminent demise of the form it's fitting that they may indeed perish together. Newspaper cartoons are the equivalent of dead people laughing.

Last panel stills needs a revision, with Mallard running over a newspaper vending maching instead of a mailbox. Should have the final version posted sometime later this evening.


Mallard Fillmore conservative, Doonesbury liberal newspaper cartoon parody

Click above to view a larger image of the completed Mallard Fillmore/Doonesbury parody cartoon.