Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Return of / A Big Name To Live Up To changes its name back to

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I've just learned that, after the experiment of trying to 'reach out' to a non-Christian audience by way an expensive domain name change, is temporarily inaccessible and will return within the hour as

Christian Forums
has around 2,ooo visitors at any certain time, but they have what seems like 5,000 active threads which assures no one actually ever gets to meet anyone else. Cutting the threads down by 50% would probably go a bit further to unite this wounded Body of Christ.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Everything I Know About Life I Learned From Looking At Worm Vulvas

the amazing worm vulva, biologists, and deterministic versus random evolution

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Evolution Is Deterministic, Not Random, Biologists Conclude From Multi-species Study - ScienceDaily

On second thought, the title for this cartoon would have made for a better cartoon than the one I drew.

A few post and link acknowledgements-

Thanks to Ray at our own local Stella Borealis, Northland Catholic Roundtable for posting the recent Neverborn / Get Me Outta Here! cartoon.

Pookie18 has posted a few toons to a recent Today's Toons threads at FreeRepublic.

StarBright posts the Chaim/Neverborn toon to Stumbleupon.

Ride The White Horse posts the Familia Feliz Thanksgiving Day cartoon to Molly's MySpace page and wonders aloud about hidden phallic symbolism. Her name is Ride The White Horse.

The Johnny Hart memorial cartoon can be found somewhere on this KVRAudio site.

Al at Is Anybody There? also posts the Get Me Outta Here! toon.

Hat City Blog has a post of the Mitt Romney's Dog cartoon, which is in turn crossposted at My LeftNutMeg.

Rick Face has the You're #1 In Christ! birthday cartoon.

Thanks to for including faithmouse in their 'issues' category. Issues?...we've got 'em!

A Rudy Guiliani /Ruby Jewels cartoon (have to get around to a new one of these soon) can be found in this Tampa Bay Buccaneers fan forum.

Another Rudy Jewels post can be found on this Seattle Craigslist page.

Wettham MySpace - Cuttlefish Dictator cartoon.

Judigbass StumbleUpon - Shield of Faith cartoon.

SFO Mom - Arms Are Much Bigger.

MucheDumbre - Bill Clinton Turkeyburgers.

Transhumanism - Christian Terrorist.

Tink's MySpace is showing one of my older promo cartoons.

ProjectAfter Forum questions my sanity.

The Express MySpace uses my Buddy Democrat cartoon as the background image.

The recent Prince Tells His Fans To PFUnk Off cartoon is posted somewhere in this Connections blog (my referrer log told me so).

NetPhoria shows both the Neverborn/Morrissey and the full Taint & Fetus /Kristina Dimitrova cartoons.

Blogs4Brownback mentions faithmouse in their recent 'Umbert The Unborn' post, and warns possible visitors.

Rionn!'s MySpace - You're #1 In Christ!

SomethingAwful continues to chronicle my descent into madness.

No Other Color But Green's MySpace displays the God Is Green cartoon. butWHY

A freeper references The ACLU Ferret in this FreeRepublic forum.

HipHopDX - My Goldfish Died.

BungleFever - You're #1 In Christ (popular!).

The Small Print - Donnie Davies 'God Hates Fags' panel.

Somewhere within this Gangs Of Arabia roleplaying site you can find the Neverborn/Bad Ass For Life cartoon. Ditto BadFellas.

Torch The Bridge - Neverborn (as) Morrissey cartoon.

Adrienne Jones - Britney Spears / Monty Python cartoon.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

New Faithmouse Forum

Please visit my new faithmouse forum, which will feature complete archives of past work and discussion boards. This site also features adult-oriented subject matter not suitable for blogger, so please be over 18.

I'm planning to charge a nominal yearly fee for access to the forum, but at the moment I've made it available for open registration, at least until Timothy A. Bear can work out the bugs....

Monday, November 26, 2007

Hillary Chipmunk & Faithmouse / Access Is A Two-Way Street

a Hillary Chipmunk cartoon series 'Access Is A Two-Way Street', as its theme current speculation that Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton has been having an ongoing lesbian affair with her personal assistant Huma Abedin

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First cartoon of a highly inappropriate Hillary Chipmunk (Hillary Clinton) cartoon series, focusing on ongoing speculation regarding a possible ongoing homosexual relationship with her personal aid, Huma Abedin.

Snarls, snears and innuendo for Hillary Clinton as attack dogs get ready for the fray - TimesOnline

If this story is true it would certainly add an interesting wrinkle to the current Presidential race, especially considering ongoing debate regarding the impact of pro-Gay activism and the continuing efforts of Christian Conservatives to protect the traditional definition of marriage, both issues having an as of yet unknown influence upon the 2008 election. Whether or not Senator Clinton wishes to address the story is another matter and highly unlikely, considering her campaign's Nixonian attempts to influence and control the media, mainly by denying access (alluded to in the cartoon) to the candidate if they suspect negative coverage, a punitive strategy calculated to make the liberally dominated and highly competitive MSM news media wilt in their Socks.

Stop The ACLU Ferret / No Standing In Indiana

7th court o of appeals rules ACLU plaintiffs had no standing to stop Indiana House prayers

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

The 7th Court of Appeals ruled last month that four plantiffs brought forward by the ACLU to stop opening prayer in the Indiana House had no legal standing to do so (of course the ACLU wanted to stop only religion specific prayer-that whole offensive prayer+God thing) and so for the first time in more than a year opening prayer could mention Christ or Christianity. Let's hope it sticks...

Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Mother Teresa Moment

Timothy A. Bear has a 'Mother Teresa' moment

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Faith doesn't seem to have too much sympathy for Timothy A. Bear and his 'Mother Teresa / loss of faith' moment....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Christian Pornography

Christians suffering from pornography addiction

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Completed version of the Angelina Jolie Naked cartoon from the previous post.

Pornography addiction is a now well recognized problem and continuing temptation for anyone who spends time online.

There are a number of online ministries offering prayer and accountability to surfers suffering from this affliction (xxxchurch comes to mind) however, I doubt they're effective at anything more than drawing a stream of new visitors to their sites, who then proceed to make too-much-information confessions as a temporary psychologicial respite before returning to a never ending search for fresh wank material.

However, anti-porn ministries may be proven effective as more than just clubs for porn addicts if they can ocassionally persuade their members to do the following-

a cure for online pornography addiction

Rats-forgot to add pentagrams to DevilCat's sombrero in the first panel. (update-pentagrams added)

Monday, November 19, 2007

Angelina Jolie Naked

Much to Timothy A. Bear's dissappointment, Angelina Jolie does not appear naked in the online Christian Conservative faithmouse cartoon

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Cartoonery in progresso.

DevilCat and Timothy A. Bear in an 'Angelina Jolie naked' cartoon (referencing her nude 'appearance' in as a realistic CG animated character in the current Beowulf film). Ms. Jolie made a recent visit to a refugee center in Iraq as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador.

Stop The ACLU Ferret / A Thanksgiving Coloring Page

Put it on your calendar to download this free holiday coloring page, no need to go to the market!  Don't let groups such as 'American United for Separation of Church and State deny Americans a Thanksgiving Federal holiday

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

You know it's the holidays when calendar sales are in full force. Don't know what the market would be, but it would be fun to offer a coloring book of my past cartoons. In the meanwhile visitors are welcome to download the above as a free coloring page. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

2007 Holiday Thanksgiving Dinner With Ms. StarMole And The ACLU Ferret (Panel)

a political cartoon

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Cartoonery in progresso. For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Why bother with an insulting holiday movie when you can get most of the gang together for Thanksgiving dinner? That was Faith's last-minute observation and she was correct; GayBear, Augustine the Cat and Timothy A. Bear hadn't seen one another for quite some time and would have otherwise spent this very special day alone..but there was room for many more at her table. Who could she call?

It was a hard sale but Ms. StarMole finally acquiesced at Faith's insistence; after all, where else could she find a satisfying meal on short notice and at such a reasonable price? Ms. StarMole decided to ignore the fact that a fellow creature would be the centerpiece of attraction; by not contributing to either the cooking or cleaning she would certainly be leaving a smaller carbon footprint upon the planet. Anyway, a good opportunity to treat these simple Christian ignoramuses to a batch of her special Native American Repression Gelatin, which would of course come with a historically accurate back-story to be happily related once the gathering had become too sedated with tryptophan to readily escape the table.

One detail though; that silly rodent had told her she was welcome to bring a guest. Who could she invite...?

Post title and text from the above was posted at Okay!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christian-Cola Faithmouse Classic

'Christian-Cola' (after 'coca-cola') faithmouse classic

Just for fun, let's become unstuck in time and draw a few cartoons in the 'classic' faithmouse style, before Faith married BlackBear and Ms. StarMole turned liberal Catholic. The first cartoon will serve not only as this week's Stop The ACLU cartoon but also as this year's Thanksgiving Day cartoon as well.

Enjoy, fellow Billy-Pilgrims.

Minnesota Mobster Exposed

Not that I should care, but the person who wrote this-

Swiftee, MOB Troll

chastising Swiftee for his very rude artwork, and wondering if by association it should trigger a MOB wide banishment from next year's RNC-

is also the creator of this image-

faithmouse and michelle bachmann

and this Faithmole cartoon (which is actually rather good)-all created following zero personal instigation from the creator of this blog and cartoon.

I would think that, if a liberal blogger is looking for any MOBster to rub in the face of the RNC and sully them by association, it would be the author of a Catholic/Christian/Conservative cartoon called faithmouse. What other MOBster continues to cast scandalous images of naked mice upon the putrid waters of the internet? What other cartoonist is responsible for an image of Archbishop Harry Flynn appearing on Page One of Google Image Search in response to the query 'mouse sex cartoons?' Obviously I'm the most deserving target of whatever good money George Soros is paying to dredge up the muddy waters of the Minnesota blogosphere. Swiftee God bless him couldn't draw his ass if he sat on it and traced it-Mr. Ken Avidor, I'm your man.

Ignore my posts offering to meet liberal critics of my cartoon halfway, followed by subsequent cartoons satirizing Rush Elephant, Mark Foley, or anyone who could get pleasure from watching the execution of a dictator, or that one unfortunate image of Faithmouse beating George Bush about the head with a bible (I was confused). All my efforts to form a bridge with my cartoon between entrenched battlelines have resulted in resounding failure, I give up, uncle. It was all a ruse-I'm a deep threaded wingnut through and through.

Now, on with the whole attention/money/success thing...


vintage wine label,designed by and featuring faithmouse creator Dan Lacey and featured on wine critic Robert Parker web site

Worst Wine Label Out There -

A Political Cartoon, Fini

a political cartoon

Click above to view larger image. Largest.

Haven't drawn many purely political cartoons lately; my attention's been floating off in other directions. Anyway, happy to finally get around to finishing the above. As you can see, Faith is still adamantly standing by her candidate Alan Keyes.

I've revised the 'Angel-baby gangsta Neverborn' cartoon in the previous post.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Angelbaby Gangsta Neverborn / Person HOOD (my crib IS my crib)

angelbaby gangsta Neverborn, my crib is my crib, personhood

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Neverborn just wants to be chillaxin with his homies in the person-hood crib.

Unborn to be defined as 'persons'? - WorldNetDaily

Get with it.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Prince Tells His Fans To PFUnk Off

Prince tells his fans to PFUnk off

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the only reason you say my name
is to get your 15 sec'nds of fame-
nobody's even sure what you do.

Not too Christian to threaten lawsuit after lawsuit upon loyal fans because they dare A. build online shrines to your work B. stuff hundred dollar bills in your 'Once Upon A Child'-sized coat pocket, and C. post pics online of their undecipherable 'artist formerly known as prince' tattoos, or home videos of their toddlers dancing to songs barely audible on background CD players. Far beyond prosecuting illegal music downloading sites, Prince's obsession with intimidating actual money-paying customers brings the definition of ingratitude down to a new level, which for the purple one is a relatively short distance.

Fellow Minnesotan Prince would make a better moral representative of his relatively new-found Christianity if he returned to performing his former 'blue' material onstage in the stead of prosecuting his fans for loving him.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stop The ACLU Ferret / Smokin' (The First Amendment)

ACLU smoking the 1st Amendment

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For the Sunday Funnies at Stop The ACLU.

Veterans Day Pets

Veterans Day pets

Click above for larger image. Largest.

A Veterans Day cartoon.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Isaiah Berlin At The Piano

Isaiah Berlin at the piano

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Isaiah Berlin (the dean of liberal philosophers who was once mistaken for Irving Berlin by Churchill) in a cartoon requested by Fox at Hipinion.

I'm working on a forum where requests like the above can be made in exchange for financial donations towards the continued exegisis of faithmouse (money, cause I'm broke). Hopefully I'll have that online by Monday. It's called Dan Draws Anything.

'Negative liberty' seems awfully close to anarchism to me...

Friday, November 09, 2007

Rainbow Neverborn

Neverborn as a rainbow baby

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Neverborn clothed as a rainbow.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Kristina Dimitrova, Taint and Fetus

Welcome to our visitors from SA. I'd post cartoons there again, but it would probably turn out to a short-lived use of $10 as I keep getting banned by Ozma (twice now). Someone should add that postscript to my Encyclopedia of Stupidity listing....

no video of Kristina Dimitrova, Taint & Fetus in the batcave

Bulgarian Kristina Dimitrova might have recently won a best looking bottom competition sponsored by Sloggi in Germany, but she has at least two Minnesota based challengers for cutest dierriere. Sorry, no video! The completed cartoon can be found at POE, Hipinion and Ilxor.

Meanwhile, my Ron Paul/Galilea Montijo cartoon continues to climb in Google image seach results...

Potluck Dinner

potluck dinner
Click above for larger image. Largest.

Faithmouse, Father Alldeer, Deaconess StarMole and Minnesota Loon in a cartoon alluding to our local 'traditional' versus 'progressive' Catholic culture. Redrawn Thursday morn.

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Post and Link Acknowledgements

Haven't been keeping up with post and link acknowledgements as of late, but here's an abbreviated listing-

Ilxor-'Come with me, come to the land of batsh*t rightwing cartoonists' thread -various posts including some by myself and the most recent Taint toon.

Noisy Room - Added link, thanks!

Hipinion - Continued posts and contributions.

~~slow motion fo me~~ Howard Donkey/Rush Elephant spot.

Post 9/11 Hipster Metal - Ganstas For Lyfe.

Pookie18's Today's Toons thread at Free Republic - Morrissey/Neverborn cartoon.

Libellulidae - Agrees with Vatican Kitty.

Portal Of Evil - Continued contributions in Faithmouse thread.

The Digital Christian - Added regularly updating cartoon; thanks!

Празни приказки и забава - Narnia cartoon.

The three b's - Thanks for the link!

Morrissey Daily - Disturbing, cute, awesome.

SoberRecovery - Paris Hilton/Neverborn cartoon.

Restore The Pledge - 'Take that liberals' post.

超級星光大道♥1-唯愛星光幫 - Neverborn Life cartoon.

Restore The Pledge - Christopher Hitchens, Baby Panda and Frog toon.

Omerta - Ganstas For Lyfe.

dakidarmani - Grateful She's Dead.

Amicabile_Live - Opus Dei.

Immaculate Election - A Ruby Jewels/Rudy Guiliani cartoon.

Tnwo-illuminati - a Paris Hilton cartoon.

Blackboard - Howard Donkey/Rush Elephant.

The Coffee Shop - Trick Or Treat cartoon.

Craigslist - Trick Or Treat.

Backstreets - Bruce Springsteen forum thread on Bored In The USA cartoon.

PrisonPlanet - Bill Clinton/Bin Laden Sex cartoon.

Gaia Online - Trick Or Treat.

P.A. Palace - GayBear.

PhatMass - Restores Power.

~MUZIK AND ME~ Ganstas For Lyfe on MySpace page.

FlevoFestival - Older Neverborn cartoon.

Semo - Neverborn/What About My Rights? cartoon.

Hung Angels - Rudy Guiliani/Ruby Jewels cartoon.

Sexy Ladies Foren-Übersicht - can't remember exactly, but it's there.

Paintball - Faithmouse/Britney Spears/ Life of Brian cartoon.

Rotten Tomatoes - Same.

Stripers Online - Same.

Rugby Rebels - Same.

Feministing - Didn't anyone tell this guy that someone is already on the creepy cartoon fetus thing?

Thor's Blood - 2 pro-military cartoons.

Refleks - Polar Bear Plunge cartoon.

Craig's MySpace - Stop And Praise God cartoon.

OzRodders - Faithmouse/Spears/Grail cartoon again.

SoccerSuck - Faithmouse/Gaybear cartoon.

EFREN - has Flim-Flam Flamingo/Faithmouse cartoon on Myspace page.

Something Awful - listed on megacomics thread (banned from forum by moderator Ozma).

Die UnHeiLiGen Abtrünnigen - Faithmouse/Spears/Grail.

Northland Catholic Roundtable - God Loves You This Much cartoon. Thanks, Ray!

and more......

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Unbort The Unborn

not necessarily an Umbert the Unborn cartoon parody
Cartoon in progress...

Not necessarily an Umbert the Unborn parody.

Mr. Ferret / Cemetery Crosses

Thieves steal 200 solar powered crosses from Pennsylvania cemetery

Click above for larger image. Largest.

Solar Crosses Stolen from Pennsyslvania Cemetery - WNEP

Impossible to say whether this is work of someone who has a chip on their shoulder regarding Christian symbols or vandals engaged in an modern alt to toppling over headstones-or perhaps someone just preferred taking their midnight constitutional through the graveyard without having their path advertised by the flick-flick-flicker of 200 ground based nightlights.

Anyhow, distressing to friends and family of those who have passed on. Give them back, please. This blog won't tell.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Benny Benny / Timothy A. Bear, This Is Not Your Day!

evangelist Benny Benny (yes, Him) cartoon

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Timothy A. Bear meets a new character, the evangelist Benny Benny.